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Pando Games offers entertaining games of various genres,
fully integrated to Pando Browser.
Pando Browser and PanTalk wallet supports Pando Games as well,
enabling users to play games while mining.
Further development will produce an ecosystem that
also supports cryptocurrency-based dapps and games.
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We make a more
interesting tomorrow
Pando Games App

Pando Games App is a gaming app that utilizes PANDO COIN blockchain
and allows users to look up PANDO blockchain information, start games through the Browser.
This app can be used as PANDO wallet for PANDO COIN holders,
medium of exchange between game coins and PANDO COINS for gamers,
and anyone can check their balance and make transactions.

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Pando Software + Pando Foundation

Pando platform connects games to games, gamers to game companies.
Gamers can truly own the rewards from playing games, and game developers can see their marketing expenditure flow back into their games.

  • Blockchain Platform

    Control wallet creation and management, and access to tokens through PANDO COIN. With contents that can be purchased only with tokens, we aim to maximize token utility. Blockchain protects all game data securely.

  • Pando Games Economy

    PANDO ties in-game tokenomics to blockchain. Game tokens can be converted to PANDO COIN project, which has high utility on the Pando Games platform.

  • For Player

    Accumulate assets with game rewards all the while having fun. Players can purchase special items using the tokens earned. Engage in dynamic asset management along with variable coin prices, and enjoy the real value they carry outside the platform.


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