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PANDO VPN Benefits
Browse Safely
Browse Safely

Have access to multiple content
while protecting your identity
and browsing history

Fast VPN
Fast VPN

PANDO VPN provides ultra-fast
internet speeds from
different locations around the world

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

No need for complicated setups.
Download, install,
and start browsing!

Zero Logging

We never track, store,
or have access to any of your personal information.
When using PANDO VPN, all your data is safely encrypted
and protected from malicious intents.

Stream at High Speeds
Stream at High Speeds

PANDO VPN is powered by a novel technology
that provides ultra-fast internet speed.
Enjoy all your streaming services
without being interrupted at any time.

Access to All Content
Access to All Content

Set your location and have unlimited
access to all of your favorite musics,
shows, movies, and social media!

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PANDO VPN is secure, fast, and reliable.
Safely enjoy all your favorite content without being interrupted.
Available for free for a limited time.
What is VPN?
A VPN protects your private data and browsing history by encrypting and hiding your traffic data.
It changes your computer's IP address to make it look like you are accessing the internet from the location set at the PANDO VPN app.
How do I install PANDO VPN?
Download our app in the app store, install it, select a region to connect,
and your are done! All you need to do is start browsing.
How many countries are available?
There are currently 4 countries available: United States of America, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. We are planning to add more countries soon.
How much does it cost?
PANDO VPN is currently available for FREE without speed restrictions. You can enjoy our app without the need to input your personal data or credit card info.
Does VPN slow my internet speed?
Although there are some VPNs that slow their users' speed, PANDO VPN offers one of the fastest VPN out there.
Can I leave my VPN on all the time?
Yes! Actually, we recommend you to always leave your VPN on to protect yourself from cybersecurity threats.
Does PANDO VPN log my data?
PANDO VPN has no access at all to our users' private data. All of our users' actions are encrypted and unaccessible.