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About Message


Pando Ecosystem’s Single Sign-On(SSO) registered users can hop over to PanTalk
with the same account and have a conversation, collaborate,
share files, and transfer cryptocurrencies with other users.
Privacy protection and instantaneous syncing
PanTalk – Privacy protection
and instantaneous syncing
Messages on PanTalk are encrypted,
can self-destruct, and be accessed on multiple devices.
PanTalk – Open,
yet secure
Messages on PanTalk are provided with open API
and protocol that can be used by anyone
for free, and are protected against hackers
Open, yet secure
Get social with PanTalk using emojis
Get social with
PanTalk using emojis
Group chat in PanTalk can support up to 200,000 participants,
and the messenger can be tweaked to fit your needs.
Make use of the various emojis!
pantalk mobile pantalk mobile
Executable by Pando Browser,
and runs on PC, iOS,
and Android
Web 3.0 means ‘personalized web’ where users
are provided with tailored services through the Semantic Web, a web technology
in which machines read data on webpages and understand the context.
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Pando Ecosystem
Pando Ecosystem is shared by every platform provided by Pando Software.
It is to ensure high fluidity between the platforms, and to improve compatibility and utility of PANDO COIN. Given such high scalability,
we have prioritized the establishment of an ecosystem based on protocol economy where users are rewarded based
on their contributions and user rights, and the establishment of a network of platforms where PANDO COIN can be used.
pantalk ecosystem